President’s Message

Dr. A.H. Rizvi
President, Founder, Rizvi Education Society
Former MP, Rajya Sabha

"Our students are not customers purchasing a service from us, but are persons who have subjected themselves to our academic process to mould themselves into a quality product for the end user - the hospitality industry.

At Rizvi we go beyond academic syllabi, treating them as minimum targets rather than as ultimate ends and emphasize on 'learning for life.' We would not like to see our college merely as an institution that conducts courses, but as a recourse to the invaluable hospitality resource.

I take this opportunity to invite you to visit, meet and communicate with our faculty on campus or as i would like to address them, 'hospitality career strategists', who serve to combine behavioral attributes, service orientation, emotional intelligence and other soft talents along with professional knowledge and skills.

In all likelihood, your quest for the right college that can help you kick-start a promising career in the field of Hospitality ends at Rizvi. Wishing you a bright career"