Rizvi College was the first place I learned to say We instead of I. I was taken aback with so many rules in college only to realise during my industrial training how my college had prepared me for the real world. When I got my first placement at The Oberoi, Mumbai only one thought leapt from my heart "Thank you Teachers"

Chef Gagandeep Singh,(Alumini)
Job profile: Product Development Chef
Jet Airways, India Ltd.

"'To build a very tall need a very strong foundation" this is something my father had always advised me as a child. After having worked in the hotel industry for over 14 years, I now understand clearly what it meant, I realise that to my tall building of a successful professional career, my 'Strong foundation' was laid by Rizvi College.
 Throughout my 3 years, the college always laid emphasis to perfection. The quality of professors, the infrastructure and the exposure to the industry that the college provided was definitely a cut above the rest.  But this fact was reiterated when we stepped into the hotel industry as professional only to realise that even the hotel industry considered students who had passed out of Rizvi College a notch above the rest.
 Over and above academics and technical skills, one of the more important things the college imbibed in us were values. Values to be good human beings, values of treating everyone fairly and with respect and values of having 'dignity of labour'.

The college has been and shall always remain to be my example of an ideal hotel management institution. If you have the drive in you to make it big in the hotel industry, leave the rest to the team at Rizvi College…and they will make you shine"

Abhijit Chitnis
Job profile: Market Director of Sales & Marketing
Marriott Hotels, Pune
"Rizvi College of Hotel Management, has in more than many ways contributed, not only to the professional, but also to the person that I am today. As a professional, I started achieving so much more than my own expectations in this industry, in my early days. Rizvi college, cushions you by answering the simplest of doubts to taking the toughest of decisions, through teachers, who are truly mentors in every possible way. The infrastructure, trainings, guest workshops, faculty and teachings have a far more enduring influence on the students, that lasts far beyond graduation. I can never thank the college enough, for making me what I am and still continuing to guide me,even after so many years. "
Chef Varun Inamdar
Job profile: Chef, Traveller, Food Writer, Trainer and Food Designer

Firstly it gave me immense confidence in being myself ...expressing myself not only in the college but in general.
It pushed me to go out of my comfort zone.....I was asked to participate in intercollegiate competitions ....when I was not confident at all.... However entire faculty believed in me...that I could achieve great things...much more than I could believe in myself. The end result was ...First Place at Christ College Bangalore competition for over all winners. The credit for this achievement completely goes to the faculty for their belief in my ability.

Improved my communication skills, which helped me immensely at my job. Being in sales this I would put as the most important aspect that college improved in me. Its been 9 years that I am working now....and great deal of my success in the industry has been achieved because I could communicate better than others.

Amol Kulkarni
Job profile: Associate Director of Sales
Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai
I had joined Rizvi College of Hotel Management in 1997. We were the first batch of HMCO doing the Hotel Management Course in aafiliation with AH&MA. Everything was new for us but we made it through due to the dedicated and professional faculty members who understood us. Rizvi College provided us with well equipped training kitchens and practical rooms. This is were i finally decided that i wanted to be a chef and my food production professeurs helped me realise my dreams. Today i am a Chef De Cusine at Sun International's Royal Livingstone Hotel in Livingstone Zambia which is one of Africa's most luxurious Resorts. Today i am standing on the strong foundations laid down for me by the faculty of Rizvi College of Hotel Management.
Anuj Ovalekar
Job profile: Chef De Cusine
Sun International's Royal Livingstone
, Livingstone Zambia

"Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist as you grow older." This quote by 'Pablo Picasso' has always inspired me in achieving my dream, my passion and now my profession as a chef; With the wings of Inspiration provided to me by my Alma mater; 'Rizvi College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology.'

I as a child loved to cook; my senses would dance in the colors and aroma of the kitchen. The only things required were directions. The sense of finesse which, I achieved was provided by the surmounting love and guidance of my esteemed teachers. The whole experience at Rizvi instigated me to move towards baking. And then out of no were, "This beautiful dream I was living." THE CONSORTIUM OF EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, ROME, ITALY provided me a break through, with Rizvi as a back bone, I was participating in a budding chef competition.

My recipe "Bharela Dum Murg in Olive oil," won the competition giving me an exposure to the world and it was Italy were I was provided with the opportunity to learn their food and culture. Not only did that shaped my sense of direction towards Chefing but my aspirations of a baker formulated.

Manish Kamath
Job profile:
Pastry Chef at Lime Café, Rotorua's, New Zealand

"With profound gratitude and appreciation I would like to thank Rizvi college of Hotel management and Catering technology, Bandra in developing my career. The course taught me the skills and theory I needed to practice ethically, confidentially and effectively in this hospitality Industry. Rizvi college of Hotel management and Catering technology caters and instills a sense of belonging amongst the students.

The learning environment is dynamic, comfortable, interactive and challenging. The Faculties here are extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled and motivated. It gives me immense pleasure to see my colleagues holding highly respectable position respectively. I am glad to be associated and be part of with Rizvi HMCT family.

Chandrakant Shetty
Job profile: Vice President Operations ( Franchise & Business
Development )

"Rizvi college of Hotel management and catering technology gave me the essential foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of the hospitality industry, which not only paved the way to my successful career but also instilled in me sound knowledge of hotel operations helping me nuture myself as an asset to my company. The Institute prepares students for careers in the hospitality industry and is an excellent choice for students wanting to expand their horizon as a professional in the field.

My personal experience as a Rizvite has been rewarding, which improved my overall personality, made me more confident and nourished me with qualities to excel in my career. These teachings in the formative years inculcated the spirit of team work in me making me a stable and dependable colleague to my team members.

I started my career in 2007 with Hyatt Hotels and after experience in varied departments I have found my calling in Sales and Marketing. My achievements have helped me grow to a Senior Manager Sales, the position I currently hold and have also been awarded as "Hyatt Masters" sales Manager of the year by Hyatt International in the year 2012. I'am Currently heading a team of my own and constantly working on new ideas, methods and creative thinking in the field. My expertise ranges over strategic sales and marketing and I credit my comfort in the sector to the professional education I received at Rizvi college.

I strongly believe that a sound professional is born from strong educational backgrounds and Rizvi provides just that and I feel proud to be associated with this esteemed college of repute.

Farhan Hamidani
Job profile: Senior Manager Sales
Hyatt International